This year will be our fifth Chiropractic Friends seminar.  It is now an annual event for us.  We enjoy the like-minded fellowship, the relaxed learning atmosphere, and who can forget the food - it amazing!  We always look forward to meeting new friends and reconnecting with those we haven't seen in a while.  Dr Gary does an incredible job of getting great speakers and hosting us every year.  Thanks Gary!
Darryl and Rebecca Hajduczek


"Thank YOU Dr. Scardino for creating an incredible opportunity for chiropractors to share their passion and love for chiropractic. It is truly amazing to see the transformation that takes place. Doctors arrive for dinner (the food is AMAZING!) as complete strangers and leave the party on Sunday as 'Chiropractic Friends' for life. I can fully appreciate why doctors return year after year! You pour your heart and soul into this event and it shows. Keep up the great work!!!!"
- Dr. Tony Palermo (Founder/President "Get Back to Basics")

I just wanted to write you a note of appreciation for all the work and effort you put into creating The Chiropractic Friends Weekend. As the South East Regional Director and Board Member of the Chiropractic Fellowship of Pennsylvania (CFoP), I am constantly looking for opportunity to promote fellowship and education within our membership and the Chiropractic community.  Chiropractic Friends is an outstanding event which accomplishes both these objectives.  I have personally attended several of the Chiropractic Friends weekends. My family and I have enjoyed the weekend immensely.  The speakers have been top notch, the food and hotel accommodations were phenomenal and it was a fun time had by all that participated.  It is for these reasons that the CFoP has decided to not only endorse the Chiropractic Friends Weekend, but have decided to make it our annual winter fellowship event.  Thanks for all you do!

Yours in Chiropractic,

Stuart E. Katzen, M.S., D.C

Hi Gary,

 Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the annual midwinter break with Chiropractic Friends in Spring LakeMy wife and kids can’t wait to load the car and come down to see their friends for the weekend. And I can’t wait to hang out with Larry Markson and you (yea, you!) and all the other cool chiropractors that show up. Please send this email to your list to encourage them to join us for great fellowship, awesome Italian food, and the beautiful Jersey beach in the winter. Oh, and by the way, I’ll work them out on Saturday morning with a wicked PowerCentering session. Join us for what’s become a highlight annual event.

Stay Centered,

Peter A. Gratale, D.C.