It's Not A Seminar... It's A Party With A Speaker!


Here is an explanation of the weekend

You can register here on our new website

All events are Ala Carte Pick and choose one or all!

Print then Fill out this form and Mail with Check or Credit Card Information to

 Made out to Dr. Gary Scardino

319 South State Street

Newtown, Pa 18940

Or call 215-860-7275 to register on the phone! Website register available

We will be attending: Names___________________________________________________

Friday Night
 Family Style Italian Feast ( You won't believe how Great this is!)
_____Adults x $45 =_______

Children 5yrs and older ________ children x $12 =  _______

Seminar with Keynote speaker Mr. Bill Esteb
_____Doctor & Whole Team @ $280=______
         Includes one lunch
         _____ each additional lunch x $30=   ______

Extended Payment Options are available

 4 Course Banquet
Captain's Cocktail Party aka 1st drink on me!

____Adults x $70 =   _______

____ Adults x $25 = ______
            ____Kids 5yrs to 14 and up x $15 ______

Saturday Kids 2 meals + snacks,games,crafts etc.
____5 yrs & up kids X $25 =______
Baby-sitter (limited space register early)
$100 Family Full day =________      
Total = ___________________

Remember to plan on attending Friday Night! 

Invite a Chiropractic Friend to attend!!!

We will accept credit cards Or written checks to  Dr. Gary T. Scardino Visa, Mastercard, Discover write legibly mail to  Dr. Gary Scardino 319 South State Street Newtown PA 18940 or mail or email credit card info and event details to

Web site purchase option will be available

we can bill credit cards monthly if necessary!

# ___________________________________________-______________

Discover,Visa or Mastercard  Exp. _________ Special #?_____________

If paying by credit card it is VISA or Mastercard, Discover, American Express

I need your address the card is billed to for processing.



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