About Chiropractic Friends

February 23,24,25 2018

Dear Chiropractic Friend,

Maybe by now you have heard about Chiropractic Friends! If not I welcome you to one of the greatest Chiropractic events of the year! (Not my words). About fifteen years ago I created Chiropractic Friends to fill a void in my life. After bumping into a great friend of mine from Chiropractic school I realized that despite our best efforts to keep in touch too many years had passed since we last got together. After discussing our frustration I decided to start Chiropractic Friends.

My idea was simple, how about we get together with as many friends as possible and also invite like minded Chiropractors. How about we have plenty of opportunities to sit and relax and grow and share? Hey, instead of the Chiropractic greats up on stage fifty feet away why not hang out with them all weekend and really connect? Why not have it at a beautiful setting? Why not take over the whole place for ourselves. Instead of having to leave our spouses, significant others and children home again while we attend another seminar why not bring them along and really include them! Invite the kids and get baby-sitters. Bring your spouse and get a room with a Jacuzzi and fireplace.

My parents graciously welcomed us at there business The BREAKERS in Spring Lake, NJ. They discounted the rooms and piled on the hospitality. Enjoy delicious food, fun times, dancing and hanging out. Add in a bunch of super speakers and pick and choose the events you want to attend. The whole weekend is Ala carte come for one or come for all.

This year on Friday we will start with our family style Italian Dinner with food so delicious even my Sicilian Grandmother would ask for seconds! Saturday we have a fantastic  lineup of speakers!!

Starting with our keynote speaker, Mr. Bill Esteb!   

Chiropractic Friends is very excited to host Bill Esteb as our main speaker this year!

Bill Esteb is the author of 11 books that explore the doctor/patient relationship from a patient's point of view. His weekly blog posts at www.patientmedia.com and Monday Morning Motivation emails are ways he shares his three decades of experience as a chiropractic patient and advocate.  I have personally been following Bill for a number of years and always find his teachings to be informative and insightful.  Many times Bill Esteb has opened my eyes to view a patients thought process in a new light!

DISRUPTIVE PATIENT COMMUNICATIONS will be the theme of this weekend with Bill Esteb. His presentation will help you better influence patients and lead them to better choices about their health.

Topics this year include:

  • Chiropractic: What it is and What it isn't
  • The Price of Caring Too Much
  • How to Plant Your Flag to Attract Your Tribe
  • Why Patient Beliefs Produce Behaviors
  • Patient Teaching vs. True Patient Education
  • Creating A Safe Place For Patients to Fail
  • How to Explain "How Our Practice Works"

Enjoy the passion and inspiration from one of the most articulate and

entertaining chiropractic patients and advocates!

 Saturday afternoon we will break for a leisurely lunch with our spouses and teams to enjoy exceptional cuisine and fellowship. Saturday night we meet for a scrumptious four course meal. Sunday morning stay for family breakfast , watch the kids exchange emails, say goodbye to your old friends and of course to your new ones. ( Like minded Chiropractors just like you!) Oh yeah, did I mention the full day of baby-sitting on Saturday? I know some couples who come just for that...! The kids have a great time and are well taken care of. They organize talent shows, games and crafts as well as pizza parties, sundae parties and more! Friday night and Sunday mornings we spend together with our families really locking in and strengthening the Chiropractic bonds.  In between we have opportunities to hang out, philosophise, group runs and meditation sessions!

The last 19 years have been fantastic and I know that most families are attending this year. Due to the cozy nature of the event there are limited spaces available for the majority of the events. If you wait until the last minute you may miss out. The nicest rooms are reserved early and plans for baby-sitters need making, so call me now and reserve your spot today!! I am looking forward to seeing you there! And while you're making plans don't forget to call that Chiropractic friend you lost touch with and invite them too.

Your Chiropractic Friend,

Gary T. Scardino